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Keerthi has a great design mind. She not only just do what you want but she also provide useful feedback and improvements While working on Growex, we had various discussion on UI part but what amazed me is the suggestions I got from her on UX (User Experience ) part. I Truly Recommend her for your Next Project design.


CEO, Growex


  • Growex is a social media management tool especially focusing on scheduling posts in one place and posted on different social media.
  • The website is not responsive and does not adapt to the different screen resolutions.
  • For first time users, Not able to figure out what action to perform on the website.
  • Dashboard menus are not self-explanatory
  • There is a lack of explanation about features
  • Especially the scheduling, campaign like page designs are difficult to interact and some dull ui.

Growex Rebranding

Color Palette

Type System

UI Component


The schedule page is redesigned as in calendar view.

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Schedule Page

  • calendar view makes user interaction more comfortable and effortless understanding.
  • Easy view of all scheduling(with campaign color) as monthly, weekly and even day view.


Get accurate live analytics and view posted social media posts with convenient filters.

Empty states

Some humorous tone to empty states

Empty states

Prompting to do perfect action

Schedule calendar adapt to mobile comfortable access

Developer friendly code snippet for post code shots.