A new way to maintain pantry and learn recipe

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Radhika is 26 y/o girl from Pune, working in Mumbai as a Front-end developer in anMNC. Most of her time on weekdays goes at her office and after reaching back to herrented appartment, she is usually exhausted and is in no mood to think about what to cook. She enjoys cooking but the shear task of checking what’s available in the fridgeand what can be prepared from that is time consuming.

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Vegcare User Persona
Vegcare User Persona

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User Journey Map
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User Struck to know items Availability and rotten stage in the fridge.
Frustrate about the find and decide recipe based on the availability and rotten stage of stocks.

Flexible maintenance and checking availability and status of items rotten stage in pantry.
Based on item's availability, Get recipe suggestion with step-by-step guide for cooking recipe.


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User Goal

A easy way to maintain pantry by adding items to pantry

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User Goal

Now checking the item’s rotten stage is in fruitfull Process.

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User Goal

view lot of yummy recipes which are reccomended from pantry with a Perfect guide.

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User Goal

Get Full control of recipe recommendation by applying filters

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User Goal

Get your all favourite recipes in one place by adding recipes to collection

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User Goal

Collection is a Perfect place for finding all your favourite recipes.

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Type System

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Vegcare onboarding screens

Warm onboarding screen educate awesome features in briefly

Vegcare recipe screen

Home Screen

Recipe Recommend from pantry

Recipe detail screen

A complete step-by-step recipe guide

Recipe List screen

Get all kind of recipies

Filter to controll recipe recommender

Get Full control of recipe recommendation With Filters

Collection list

Get favourite recipes in comfortable collections

items in my pantry

Maintain all pantry item in single place

Details about items rotten stage

Checking the item rotten stage in troubleless way

A pleasant empty state screen

Pleasant Empty state